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​Last Update: March 27, 2024

At Entropía Studio, we are committed to accessibility and inclusion for all our visitors, including those with disabilities. Our goal is to ensure that all people can access our design and architecture services through our website, regardless of technical or physical ability.


We strive to comply with web accessibility standards, following WCAG 2.1, Level AA guidelines, to provide a website that is accessible and usable for everyone. We continually work to improve the accessibility of our website by regularly reviewing and updating our content and technology.

  • Alt text for images and non-textual content.

  • Clear and coherent navigation structure.

  • ARIA tags and roles for interactive elements.

  • Support for screen readers and other assistive technologies.

  • Options to adjust text size and color contrasts.


We value your feedback and are open to suggestions on how we can improve the accessibility of our website. If you encounter any problems or have difficulty accessing any part of our website, please contact us immediately:


Entropía Studio is committed to continually monitoring and improving the accessibility of our website. We conduct regular testing and updates to ensure our content is accessible to all users.


If you need additional assistance accessing our services or information on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to ensure that your experience with Entropía Studio is positive and accessible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work toward a website that is accessible to everyone.

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